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Legal Notice:

The terms and conditions set out below (the "Terms and Conditions") apply to and govern any services used by you ("You", the "user") and marketed by us under the brand name "PUBGPool" including any services provided through any website with a domain name ending "" (the "Website"), and to any email and other correspondence between us relating to such a service.

Bet participation:

By placing a bet on you are 18 years of age or over, of sound mind and capable of taking responsibility for your own actions. comes with no guarantees, expressed or implied, in connection with the service which is provided to you "as is" and we provide you with no warranty whatsoever regarding its quality, completeness or accuracy. As such, cannot be held responsible in any event, direct, indirect or consequential with the use of the website. reserves the right to suspend and/or cancel any bet/wager at any time. When a platform is suspended, any bets entered will be on hold. also reserves the right to cease betting at any time without notice.

Deposit, withdraw or lost items

If any loss occur during a bet caused by a software or network issue, you have 7 days to make a claim by opening a ticket at [email protected] after which these items will be considered surrendered. We strongly encourage you to withdraw your winning as soon as possible to avoid any issues. For every round played on a 0-10% commission will be taken. It is calculated of the total pot value and is taken from the item pool, except the winners deposited item.

Affiliation: is no affiliated with Valve Corporation, Player Unknown Battlegrounds or any other trademarks of the Valve Corporation.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get sponsored by your site? sponsors youtubers that create PUBG Content, if you have 40+ viewers while livestreaming or 1000+ views on videos, feel free to contact [email protected]!

Who are Premium Users?

Premium Users are people who did something special for the site, for example that made a video or helped with problems. Premium Users only get taxed 3% of the items they won.